Del Rio, Texas, on the border just across from Cuidad Acuna,  may be my second home.  I visit here many times a year.  And it was to this historic South Texas city that Vivian, Ricardo and I rode today.  Leaving Baffin Bay at 9:15 AM, we arrived at the Del Rio La Quinta at three in the afternoon.

The morning started out brisk and clear, a perfect day for a motorcycle adventure.  I led, setting a pace at 115 kph.  Out past the King Ranch, spotting several flocks of wild turkeys, the morning was perfect.  Benavides, Freer, Encinal, Carizzo Springs, Eagle Pass, all older Texas cities, welcomed us.  Oil field trucks, cattle trucks and even a prison bus shared the roads.  But we never spotted another motorcycle!  Strange!

Ricardo is in the pool, Vivian is getting ready for dinner....dinner at Rudy's means BBQ'd ribs, cole slaw and of course, apple pie.  Tomorrow?  Up early, a stop at the Pecos Bridge overlook, the highest bridge in Texas, then on down to Langtry, the museum of Judge Roy Bean, the hanging judge.  After all,I want Vivian, a retired Costa Rican judge, to understand how Texas justice is metted out.

Mid afternoon will find us in Ft. Stockton, Texas, The Big Bend Open Road Race takes place Saturday.  Highway 285 running about 103 kilometers from Ft. Stockton to Sanderson will be closed to all traffic and the Highway becomes a raceway.  We will be among the last riders on the road before it closes for the races.

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