Yes, Vivian, Ricardo and I arrived in Fort Stockton early and attended the car show.  One hundred sixty cars, from Dodge Vipers, Ferraris, Cobras, Corvettes,  even a 1947 Suburban, will participate.

  An open road race, Tx Hwy 285 will be closed to all but the race participants  The fastest, running at speeds up to 310 kph, will head out at 7:00 AM.  Then, every sixty seconds another car races away.  Each making the 102 kilometer run to Sanderson, then lining up for the return race.  Exciting!  We have posted the photos of many cars in a separate album, Big Bend Open Road Race, 2016.  I suggest you go take a look.

Vivian, Ricardo and I had a great ride today,  we made our visits to the Pecos Bridge Overlook and to the Judge Roy Beam Museum.  Of course those photographs can be found in the album entitled Baja, Spring 2016.

Tomorrow we plan to ride to Tucson, Arizona. About 900 kilometers down the trail, a long and hard day.  But Vivian must stop in El Paso.  Why?  To visit Barnetts Harley Davidson, the worlds largest Harley dealership.  I see some money being spent on tee shirts.