We arrived in Ensenada late this afternoon. It was a beautiful ride from Tucson, through Yuma, Az and down to the California border town of Calexico. However, it was very dry, very,very dry.  My Sinuses dried up to the size of sand pebbles.  My eyes were so dry, when I blinked I heard a scraping  sound.  Yes,it was dry.  But the fields were irrigated and for many miles all you saw were beautiful green vegetable fields.  We were riding through one of the United States greatest bread baskets, right in middle of the desert.

Finally we reached Calexico and stopped by Oscar Padilla's Mexican Insurance.  Mexico recently made auto insurance mandatory and we were going to comply.  Soon we had three policies, one for each bike and rider.  The cost for twelve days, about $110 per policy.

Back on the bikes, we crossed into Mexico at Mexicali.  The crossing took thirty seconds and we spent no more than ten minutes at Imigracion getting visas.  Very efficient, painless and friendly.  In minutes we were on to Ensenada.  About 300 kilometers, west on MX 2 to TecatE, further west towards Tiajuana, then south on MX 3, Ruta Del Vino. Beautiful grape vineyards and modern wineries.  Yes, it was dry, the grapes on the vines had dried to raisins.

Suddenly on the west, the mighty roaring Pacific Ocean.  Now we knew we were in Baja and the view made the entire trip worthwhile.  Tonight we have wandered through the  lively parks around the docks, marveling at the joyous Mexican families.  Tomorrow, some sightseeing.  We have not yet decided when we will ride south.  There is so much to see!