Five hundred forty kilometers of treacherous desert mountain roads.  Roads full of potholes and no shoulders at all.  And this is the thrill that makes a long distance rider thrive.  Yes, Ricardo and Vivian are long distance motorcycle adventurers.  And Chuck?  I am just like an eager puppy tagging along.

The desert was amazing,  filled with beautiful giant cacti, Huge boulder fields that looked as if they had rained down from the heavens.  And I am certain that is how they were created.  An atheist could never ride through this desert and not question his own wisdom.  

Hot, curvy roads, one stretch over 320 kilometers without a Pemex, and we still made it.  By 4:30 PM we could see this lush green oasis sitting right in the middle the Deserto de Viscaino.  San Ignacio, with it's thousands of green Palms.  A central Plaza shaded by giant Laurel trees.

But our real reason for coming is to visit Mission San Ignacio de Kadakasman.  Founded in 1728 by Jesuit priests, this mission is well worth the journey.  I suggest you take a look at this beautiful mission by visiting the photo album, Baja, Spring 2016.

Tonight we had delicious fresh seafood dinners at Victors, right on the Plaza and across from the Mission.  Wednesday morning we will head southeast to the Sea of Cortez.  I am told the coastal city of Loreto is beautiful, so guess where we are spending tomorrow evening.