Dinner on the Sea of Cortez....and freshly caught fish at that.  The only way life could get better is for the restaurant to have freshly prepared flan, swimming in Kahlua. No, I don't drink alcoholic beverages but there is nothing wrong with eating Kahlua with flan..in fact I recommend it!
We only rode about 350 kilometers today but it was a beautiful ride through a couple of most
 interesting towns.

  Leaving San Ignacio at 9:00 AM, we were off up and down at least three steep mountains before suddenly arriving high overlooking the shimmeringly Sea of Cortez.  Absolutely breath taking.  Suddenly we were in the coastal town of Santa Rosalia.  Santa Rosalia, a hidden gem right on the edge of the Sea.  Founded in 1880 by a French mining company, Compania Del Boleo a company that was to build a tremendous mining operation.  The buildings in this unique city are in the early French tradition, beautiful and very well preserved.  The timber used in this construction was imported from Oregon and British Columbia.  Amazing.

We explored much of the city this  morning and the residents were eager and proud to show us around.  I have,  in recent years, become a passionate grower of Crown Of Thorn plants.  The Crown of Thorns is the only cactus that has both leaves and blooms constantly, twelve months a year.  Yes, I discovered a lady that is equally enthused.  She has several beautiful specimens but her sister has over two hundred.  I any have forty two!

We are spending the night near the beach in Loreto, a small but elegant city right on the shores of the Se sa of Cortez.