Ah, near the tip of Baja California Sur....but not quite.  We arrived in this thriving port and vacation city at 3:00 PM today and quickly found a hotel right on the beach.  Ricardo and Vivian are both in the pool.  I don't see why they did not go in the Sea but I am sure they will try it before we depart.
La Paz is a large city, a port, several colleges and one university, the city seems to be prosperous and vibrant.  Many Americans retire to Loreto and La Paz and I envy them.

Today's ride was only about 437 kilometers, through beautiful mountain deserts much of the time but also along the shores of the Sea.  The roads were good, the bikes are running great, the ride was perfect.

We have now ridden almost 4000 kilometers on this adventure without a problem ar all---not even a drop of rain.  And we have stayed in nice hotels the entire trip.  In Baja we have a good beachfront hotel for only $78 per night.  And the seafood is fantastic.  

Tomorrow?  We have not yet decided.  We may travel the 170 kilometers south to the busy and expensive resort city of Cabo San Lucas.  We have to do it.  That is the southern tip of Baja and you cannot come this far without going all the way.

Today we took some nice photographs and I will post them in an hour or so.  Yes,  in case you wondering, I am enjoying a very active retirement.