Yes, today's ride took us to Cabo San Lucas, the extreme southern tip of Baja.  One hundred fifty kilometers south of La Paz,  through a couple of low mountains but mostly along the mighty Pacific.  Life was great---and Cabo.  Well, it is a tourist destination known for fishing and "partying".  Since we were interested in neither, it was a turn around point for Vivian and Ricardo.  And Chuck?  I am just tagging along.

By late afternoon we were back in La Paz.  La Paz, the capitol city of Baja California Sur, has over 200,000 full time residents, beautiful beaches and marinas and good restaurants.  Hotels are many and prices are modest.  I recommend La Paz for your can always hop down to Cabo for a few hours.

Tomorrow?  We have not yet decided but at some point we have to ride back north.  We are discussing riding the gravel and dirt road that leads to San Felipe.  We really must get off the pavement and see some of the isolated fishing villages located along the Sea of Cortez.  And there is Santa Rosalie.  I really need to get a few Crown of Thorn cuttings.  And then there is the historic and beautiful French hotel.  I think we need to spend a night there.

Remember, to a "long distance rider"' it is always about the travel,  not the destination.  And the bike?  It is just a means to do the travel.  By the way, the bikes are running great and the weather has been superb.