Guerrero Negro, a dusty salt producing town almost in the center of Baja, is our home for tonight.  It would not be our choice if it were not late and a plan for a hard ride in the morninng.  This city is a major salt producer, producing over five million tons per year.

Yesterday we decided to stop and spend the afternoon and night in the beautiful coastal city of Loreto.  Why?  Great restaurants and a good hotel.  I think I could eat sea bass every day.  Loreto has a major golf course and gated housing development obviously targeting retired Canadians and folks from USA.  We toured the development, it is very well done and affordable.  But it's not for me.

Tonight we are dining in the hotel restaurant here in Guerrero Negro.  It is a rather traditional type place--fajitas de pollo for me.  Tomorrow we are riding up Highway 5, along the Sea of Cortez, to San Felipe.  Probably a ten hour ride.  Some of the route is primitive, dirt, gravel and large sharp rocks.  I don't look forward to that but it is all part of the adventure.

Baja is famous for "off road racing". And at least two have been in progress the past several days.  One, MORRA is a 500 mile run occurring over the past four days.  A second, Dos Mares, runs from La Paz to....some place on the Pacific coast.  Ricardo and Vivian have been in the midst of the festivities and you will see several photos of them with the cars and drivers (actually only the senoritas that may be drivers).  Last night several racers passed near our hotel and the noise was loud and festive.

Baja, very interesting!  But a place I probably would have enjoyed more when I was much younger.