Gas was hard to fine on the ride from Guerrero Negro to San Felipe.  However, we all made it without running out.  The Mexican folks are cutting a road thru from Laguna Chapala to San Felipe.  Only 36 kilometers remain to be finished.  But that 36 kilometers is a challenge.  A wide dirt and rock road cut through high desert mountain passes and low valleys, curvy with large rocks everywhere.  But really the ride was fun.  This road, when completed, will allow travelers to ride directily along the Sea of Cortez from San Felipe to Baja Sur.

Twenty two kilometers up the rocky, dirt road we arrived at the famous Coco's Corner.  Coco, an entertaning and nice guy has made this high mountain desert his home for close to thirty years.  A double amputee, Coco has thick leather pads attached to his "stumps" just below his knees.  Never a tall man, he is very short now--but he zooms around in his wheelchair greeting visitors,  Coco is an inspiration to amputees everywhere.  Riding a motorcycle, flirting with the occasional lady, selling  beer and other drinks and generally regaling everyone.  For motorcyclists Coco's Corner is a popular destination, right out in the middle of the high, windy and dusty desert.

Soon we were out of the mountains and riding by the Sea.  Our destination for the night, San Felipe, a port, beach and party town located on the northwestern shores of The Sea of Cortez.  We arrived in San Felipe about 4:30 PM and located a basic but adequate hotel.  Dinner was at a popular restaurant, "Beans and Rice".

We have decided to stay in San Felipe today.  Wednesday will find the three of us riding to Mexicali and hopefully crossing the border and back to the USA.  We have to do it fast, before Trump builds the wall to keep out crazy gringos and "muy loco Ticos".