Robert, S and I were up early today preparing to leave Quito, the fascinating city that we explored yesterday.  A hearty breakfast and much coffee and we were finally on our way out of Quito by 9:00 AM.  The ride out was almost as challenging as the ride into Quito.  Latin American cities have tremendous traffic and dare devil drivers. 

Robert leading the way, we were once again in the majestic Andes, steep peaks, sharp and frequent curves and the constant challenge of passing the smoking diesel trucks.  The three of us had decided to stop and spend the night in Banos, a town with which I was not familiar. High in the Andes,  it is a hidden jewel.  I cannot imagine why it is not a major vacation spot.  Rafting, exploration trips into the Amazon Jungle, horse back riding up the mountains,  it is all here.  Hot natural baths!  I think Robert and S are going to enjoy one tonight. 

Upon arrival we had lunch in a great restaurant owed by a Danish lady who makes her own deserts and bread.  A great lunch and S paid!  How do I deserve to be with such delightful people in such a wonderful country.  After lunch we checked into another interesting hostel, Plantas y Blanco (Plants and White, don't ask, I don't know) where I have a small private room with bath for only $6.50. 

Robert suggested riding down the mountain into the low part of the jungle but I declined since I once again wanted to do some light maintenance on the Goose and also get a haircut.  I still am wearing my hair cut right to the scalp and for some reason get a haircut frequently.  I suppose I am still expecting inspection to be  pulled by someone.  Speaking of the Blue Goose, it ran good today although I donīt seem to be getting the best gas mileage, but at $1.46 per gallon, I am not worried

I have some great pictures of Ecuador but am having trouble transferring them to Jacob so he can post them on the web.  I will call him tonight to see if we can identify the problem--I want to share this wonderful and picturesque country with you.  Did I tell you how wonderful the Ecudarean people are.  No, because I don't think there are  words that will do them justice. 

I am surprised at the number of Europeans and Canadians that I am meeting. People of all ages that are exploring Latin America.  Most backpacking or traveling by bus.  Some living here.  I truly believe the Canadians and Europeans are much more adventureous than people from Texas and the U.S.  (got that didn't you?).

Peru beckons but it might be two more days before we actually cross the border.  Ecuador may need our attention a bit longer.