I am still not sure what to do even if I do find Rosa's cantina.  Maybe order a Coke Zero and watch Felina whirl. Five hundred eighteen kilometers, all on Interstate 10, not the kind of ride that Vivian or Ricardo would prefer. But it was virtually the only sensible way to get to El Paso.

 Tomorrow will be better, back on two lane west Texas roads. First we will head to Marfa, a delightful west Texas town made famous by it's being the location of the filming of the movie, Giant. Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor and James Dean starred and all stayed at the beautiful and elegant Paisano Hotel. Yes, we will stop by. I always do. 

Later we will be off to the south, stopping by Mr. Poindexter's Cibolo Creek Ranch Resort. At over $400 per night, we may not stay there. In fact, I am not sure they are currently welcoming guests. It was here that the greatly respected Supreme Court Justice, Antonin Scalia, recently died. 

 Then on down, past the Shafter silver mines to Presidio. Why? So we can ride the sixty mile River Road along the Rio Bravo to the ghost town of Terlingua. A favorite destination! And dinner? At the Starlight Theater of course. Ricardo and Vivian will sit on the front porch and sip a cervesa amidst the swirling smoke of ......I am not telling. And our hotel will be the Chisos Mining Company Motel, not very elegant but for $75 that is what you get in Terlingua.