Eight thousand kilometers, across four states in USA and two very long ones in Mexico and not a drop of rain. Amazing!  But, upon arising this morning in Del Rio, it was raining.  On with the rain suits...and by the time we were on the bikes the rain stopped and we again had a day riding without rain. 

Our first stop of the day was in Campwood, right at the beginning of one Sister (TX Hwy 337).  Then we were off to the Frio Canyon Motorcycle Stop.  Thirty three kilometers up one of the best cycle roads in Texas.  A stop at Frio Canyon to see the owners, Bob and Robyn.  A bit of necessary shopping and a hotdog and Coke Zero, then we started to ride the second Sister (TX Hwy 336) but since it was still threatening rain, we headed instead to Vanderpool and the Lonestar Motorcycle Museum (see photos).  

Dinner? Well, the best coconut meringue pie in Texas can be had at the Lost Maples Cafe in Utopia.  So, guess where we headed, yes to Utopia and dinner.  And tonight we are in a beautiful cabin at Oak Hill Cabins, right next to the Frio Canyon Motorcycle Stop.  A cabin with a back porch looking out over a hilly forest.  Wildlife is abundant here.  I expect we will see deer and wild turkey both this afternoon and in the morning.

Our next destination?  Back to Baffin Bay.  I just have not yet decided if it will be Monday or Tuesday.  This adventure is nearing it's end.  The bikes have run perfectly and both Vivian and Ricardo have been great riding companions.