Monday morning was clear and warm.  A great day for riding!  So we pointed the three bikes toward the southeast and headed to Baffin Bay.  Soon passing Concan on our way to Uvalde for breakfast.  Passing Dilley before lunch.  Dilley, the home of Moto Hank.  Normally I would have been stopping for Hank to service the two BMWs, but Hank was on a plane headed to Berlin.
Finally arriving back on Baffin Bay at about 4:00 PM, we were all tired but safe.  Great memories of another adventure.  Almost 9000 kilometers, across Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Baja California and Baja California Sur (actually each one twice.....) Not a bad ride.

Now that we are home, the bikes must be serviced, washed and Ricardo's ride needs replacement tires.  That will all be taken care of this week.  And Ricardo and I will begin our plans for the next adventure.

This is the final entry for Baja, Spring 2016!