Wednesday morning at 6:40AM we departed for the Los Chiles border crossing into Nicaragua.  Even at that early hour traffic was terrible. Cars, trucks, motorcycles and bicycles all fighting for the slightest gap in traffic.  Ninety minutes later I was tense, rattled but we were at least in the countryside, climbing up into one of two mountain ranges we had to cross.

Large diesel trucks, belching black exhaust fumes,were everywhere.   Within an hour my face was black from diesel exhaust.  At 9:30 we stopped for breakfast and when we came out to depart, the rain began.  Quickly we donned the hot rain suits and were off up the mountain.  Rain, never hard, remained with us until early afternoon and then it was hot and humid.

Finally, at 1:30PM, we pulled up to the remote and new border crossing with Nicaragua.  Eager to clear immigration, we stood in line to exit Costa Rica.....finally we were at the head of the line.  Quickly clearing my passport the officer began examining my riding partners and found a technical error.  Despite much discussion he was adamant, Patricia would not be allowed to leave Costa Rica until she returned to San Jose and had her passport corrected.

We certainly were not going to Nicaragua without her so we decided to revise our travel plans.   Night time found us in the beautiful and touristy city of La Fortuna.  La Fortuna, the gateway to Volcano Arenal is a favorite of ours and we are in a nice and friendly hostel for the night.  Tomorrow we will decide on our revised travels but tonight we are relaxing and enjoying a great seafood dinner.