Thursday we decided to visit Upala.  Upala, a very remote farming supply community sitting on the River Rio Las Haciendas was visited by a strong hurricane just over a year ago and Ricardo wanted to see the resulting destruction.  And the destruction was significant, totally destroying the elementary and high schools.  Government buildings were destroyed by flooding.  Many downtown businesses suffered severe damage by water often ceiling high.  Small, basic houses were destroyed.  Yet, the local people merely accepted their fate and are rebuilding.

I visited this town three years ago with Luis Diego and we stopped in a nice and good panderia.  We decided to once again visit it for a fresh snack.  While there, the nice young lady waiting on us told Ricardo that I was there a couple of years ago.  I doubt she remembered me for any reason other than I am probably the only Gringo to drop in her shop.

We spent the night in a Wilson's Hotel, the nicest local chain that I have seen.  A good, if quiet dinner brought an end to a good day.  Morning came early and so did the rains.  We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast of fruit, omelettes and coffee. By mid morning the rains passed and the sun was out.  On the bikes, Ricardo and Patricia, riding the blue three wheel "semi" led the way.  Four hours later and we were riding up the beachfront of Puntarenas.  This is our home for tonight.  We are actually in a casino/hotel even though none of us gamble.

This is a port city I have visited several times.  It is the only Costa Rican Pacific port hosting large ocean going cruise ships.  Tomorrow I will take a few photographs and post them.   But tonight?  Maybe a seafood dinner.