When he was a child Ricardo's abuela owned a beachfront home in Puntarenas so he spent most vacations in this quaint beachfront city.  It brings back fond memories.  And it was here we spent all of Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.  Dinner was on the malecon and of course consisted of seafood.

This morning, after a nice complimentary breakfast, we were lucky to meet Antonio (Tony) Tsay, the manager of Hotel Puntarenas Beach.  A most delightful Tico, of Asian descent, Tony's family owns the hotel. Tony is a lifelong resident of Puntarenas and boy does he know the city.  A friendly and generous man, he hosted us to a ninety minute tour in a the hotel golf cart.  A great tour, showing us places that Ricardo did not know existed.  How can I not love and admire the great people of Costa Rica.

By noon, the skies were darkening, the wind was up and thunder was in the distance.  So we donned our rain gear and headed out for what we thought would be a wet two hour ride to San Jose.  Arriving in San Jose, we stopped by the home of Carolina and Ricky Collado. It was just two years ago that I was a guest st their wedding.  By mid afternoon we arrived back at Apartment Tortuga.  And guess what.  It never did rain.

And tomorrow it will be a Sunday so we will be meeting our friends with our moto club, M-14.  But if it is raining, I might just go to Vintage VW car show.