I have established a new album, The Beaches and Turtles of Guanacaste which contains all of the photos I took Monday and Tuesday in the Northern Pacific Province of Guanacaste.  The weather was perfect, mostly dry and warm.

Leaving Siquirres Sunday, we were headed to Liberia, the capital of Guanacaste.  The route we selected took us past Volcan Arenal and then around Lake Arenal, a beautiful long ride around the still largely undeveloped alpine lake.  By 4:00PM we were in Liberia, stopping by the new Walmart.  Slightly after sunset we arrived at the farm of Patricia.  Over the next two days we visited most of the towns and beaches in the area.  Monday we visited the Junquillal Beach to discovered a group of volunteers digging up newly hatched baby turtles and releasing them into the ocean.  These baby turtles were only about the size of a lemon but in years to come will reach three feet in length.

I urge you to visit my photos and see the amazing pictures of the turtles making their first rub toward the Pacific.  This afternoon we arrived back in San Jose and tonight Ricardo treated us to a fabulous steak dinner at an Argentinian steak house.

Tomorrow we will have lunch with our friend, Art Smiley, and begin preparing for my return to Baffin Bay.  First thing, the bikes need be washed.  My flight does not depart until Saturday morning but we have a lot to do.

This will be my last posting for Costa Rica, Fall 2017.