Robert, S and I had an early breakfast with Dick and Rebecca, friends we had made while in Vilcabamba.  Departing by 9:30 AM, we once again were on the road to Macara, Ecuador and the border with Peru. We expected that portion of the trip to take four hours but the roads did not cooperate.  Winding, at times muddy and fog all contributed to make this a tough ride.

At 3:00 PM we arrived in Macara, Ecuador, the gateway to the border with Peru and within one hour we were in Peru. This was by far the easiest border crossing that I have yet experienced.  No hassles and no charges!

Ecuador, with all it's splendor and beauty will be missed.  In crossing the border, gasoline prices increased from $1.50 to over $5.00.  But the roads in Peru are much better than those in Ecuador.  Animals are on the roads everywhere (but they were in Ecuador also).  Pigs, cows, horses goats....I am dodging animals at every turn.

Northern Peru, at least the part in which I have ridden is not very pretty.  Garbage is everywhere.  Plastic sacks seem to be the national flower.  Poverty is evident around every turn.  People living in sparse adobe dwellings, often with no electricity or water.  That seems to be the norm.

Monday night we arrived in Pieura, the city where we were to spend the night.  Total chaos!  Small three and four wheeled taxis everywhere.  All intent on running over me.  I have never driven in such traffic.  Finally we arrived at Hostal California and booked a room in this simple but dry hostel.  A private room with a shared bath for $5.

Tuesday morning and we were off to the south.  Robert suggested we spend the night in Huanchaco, a small town on the Pacific so that became our destination.  But first, we had to get there through this unfamiliar country.  By noon, we were in Chiclayo where we stopped to visit the Museo Tumbas Reales De Sipan, a truly world class museum of pre colonial artifacts.  It was truly amazing, equaling any great museum in the world. After a couple of hours in the museum, we were off the Huanchaco where we arrived shortly before dark.

A beautiful small town, sitting right on the Pacific.  Surfers are out now.  We are staying at Hostal Huankarute, a very nice hostal.  King sized bed, clean room, good bathroom, hot water and beautiful views of the Pacific, all for $15.

Later this morning, I will be off toward Lima where I need to stop for a couple of days to have some work done on the BMW.  Tires, oil change, brake shoes and once again a leak in the driveshaft.

Hopefully Thanksgiving will be spent at the BMW dealer in Lima, but first I have to get there.