Leaving Haunchaco this morning, I set my goal on reaching Barranca, a small Peruvian city about 100 miles north of Lima.  Arriving at 4:00 PM, I am checked into the nice Hotel Chavin.  While the room costs a king`s ransom of $25 I must admit it is nice.  Clean sheets, hot water and a television.  I clearly am getting used to the nicer things.

Today's ride was great.  Over the hills and low mountains of the coastal desert of Northern Peru.  The landscape looks like what Neal Armstrong was greeted with when he took that "one giant step for mankind".  In fact the desert is so barren it makes West Texas, even Marathon, look like a rain forest.  Around a curve today and to my left I was astonished to see a Pyramid from ancient times.  Not a park or exhibit but a real pyramid out in the middle of nowhere with no fence or guard around it.  It is as if I am the only one who knows it is there.

The Pacific Ocean, steel granite in color with pounding surf!  Every few minutes, I come over a peak or around a curve and there before me is the pristine picture that can only be created by a being much higher than mankind.

A short ride today, only 230 miles.  Tomorrow will be a challenge, I must get past Lima.  I know, you thought I was stopping for repairs and new tires for the Blue Goose.  Well guess what, there is no "Goose House" in Lima.  A city of five or more million people and no BMW motorcycle dealer.

So what to do?   I know only one answer, cross my fingers and head to Santiago, Chile, a city over 2000 miles away.  At least I will be accompanied by my every present companion, the wind.

Today, I had my first item stolen, a pair of motorcycle gloves.  Right under my nose!  Thank goodness, I brought two extra pairs.

Peru has it's own kind of beauty and I saw it today.  Barren desert, beautiful pounding surf (with no one or no houses within miles and miles), hills, and mountains.  In fact, I saw only one plastic bag on the roadside today.

Late this afternoon, in Barranca, I met a fellow name Lewis from Canyon Lake, near San Antonio.  We had dinner together and now I have a new friend.

This adventure, ever changing, sometimes frightening, sometimes exhilarating, always interesting.  One thing it has accomplished is to make me aware of how fortunate I am in life.

To each of you.  Happy Thanksgiving.  As for me, I simply want to get south of Lima.