Up early, a hot shower, good breakfast and I was on my way by 8:00 AM, headed to and past Lima.  I arrived in Lima by 10:00 AM and made by way past Lima in about one hour.  Traffic was bad but maybe not as bad as I expected.  I certainly have something for which to give Thanks.  I made it through Lima without injury to either my bike or me.

Today's ride was great.  Once again through the coastal desert of Peru, often looking out over the magnificent Pacific.  Fog was ever present as was the wind, but I expected both.  My goal was to reach Pisco, a coastal town about 130 miles south of Lima and I was here by 3:00 PM.

Checked into a great hostal, secure parking, hot water, clean sheets,  I spent this afternoon exploring and taking some pictures.  In fact, it probably is no surprise that I also got a boot shine.

I think I am about 800 miles from the Chilean border and now my goal is to cross the border by Sunday afternoon.  Then off to Santiago and some much needed maintenance for the BMW.  I have now traveled over 6000 miles on  this adventure.  I am slightly over half way to Tierra Del Fuego!

My Thanksgiving dinner?  Grilled chicken, french fries and some great Peruvian ice cream.  Clearly, I am a health food nut!