If you are following me on my "Find Me" you already know I departed Chala early.  The winds were pesent but not as strong as yesterday.  The first 150 miles, the highway followed the coast.  After that, most of the ride was in the coastal desert mountains.  The most barren and stark mountains you can imagine, but with their own beauty.  Curves, steep clifts on one side and steep dropoffs on the other side, constantly the Goose is turning in one direction or the other.

The winds have not deserted me.  They seem to be teasing.  Light at times and then in the middle of a dangerous section of road, they gust with ferocity.  It tests my riding skills.

Despite the challenges, I covered 456 miles today and am in beautiful Tacna, Peru, only 36 KMs fron the border with Chile.  I have checked into the nice Hostal Santa Maria where I have a large room, with TV, private bath and hot water, all for less than $15.

I will now take a walk to the Plaza De Armas to take a few photographs to share with you.  Tomorrow I will be in no hurry, after all it is the weekend.  My main goal is to cross the border before lunch and find a nice place in Chile to stay for the remander of Sunday.