A short day┤s ride!  I only covered 272 miles today, primarily because it is another two hundred miles to a village large enough to have a hostal.  I am resisting living outdoors until it becomes absolutely necessary.

Last night my dinner friends, from Montreal, suggested that I ride south on Ruta 1 to Antogogaste, instead of using Ruta 5 to get to the same destination.  Ruta 1 runs along the coast and they said it was a marvelously beautiful coastal trip.  They were right!  Pristine waters, breaking on a beautiful rošky coast with the road continuously running along side for the full 272 miles.  And the wind, she was calm, still with me letting me know she had not deserted me, but soothing rather than passionate.  The sand, it lay on the beach as sand should. 

This afternoon I arrived in Antofogaste, a city of some 192,000 in time to look over the downtown area, to get into a low cost hotel and to transfer a ton of photos to Jacob, which he will soon be posting.  I don┤t know if you have noticed but Jacob posted four new folders within the past couple of days.  Tonight I will transfer him four more folders so there will be many photographs to view if you so desire.  Beware, the photo folders are not being posted in the order I send them so you must search to see the most recent.

Tomorrow I cannot leave until after 9:00 AM because I am having some laundry done and it will not be ready until 9:00.  The goal is a city some 330 miles south so I will be riding late in the afternoon.  Darkness does not arrive here until after 7:30 PM and it is always my goal to be off the road and checked into a hostal or hotel before dark.