Tonight finds me in Santiago, Chile with the Goose already in a motorcycle shop where it is being evaluated by Jose Meyer, a BMW specialist here in Santiago who was recommended by several subscribers to Horizons Unlimited.  Jose has a small shop at his home and I was pleased to see that he stocks tires, parts and obviously has an interst in BMWs.  There were several great looking adventure bikes in his shop, both local bikes and bikes obviously from other countries.  Jose is going to go into the driveshaft tomorrow to determine what needs to be repaired.  He did tell me that parts can take up to two weeks to obtain for driveshafts for older bikes like the Goose.  Here´s hoping that Jose will have what is needed.  I must be in Tierra Del Fuego by December 31 and it is several hard days ride from here.

Today´s ride was only 311 miles.  I was actually in Santiago proper by 3:00 PM but it took me another three hours to find the hostal I had selected.  One piece of advice for anyone making this trip.  Either learn Spanish or have a good GPS.  I have neither.  I live in fear of entering the larger cities of Central and South America, simply because I am eternally lost and have no way to seek or understand directions.  There is no good excuse for my lack of Spanish speaking skills.

I expect to be here in Santiago for about one week.  I think it will take that long to get the bike repaired.  As soon as it is repaired, I will be heading south.  Until then, I am going to get laundry done, visit tourist spots and also purchase some warmer clothing.  It is a bit chilly here.  This is a most modern city.  It remains me of Miami.  Tonight I met Harve Haubois, a gentleman here in the hostal from France and he tells me the city has a very European feel.  In any event, it is a delightful place to be stuck for several days.

Today, about 60 miles north of Santiago, I stopped for gasoline and a soft drink.  In front of me, were two cars carrying either eleven or 12 young Chilean men, about 22 years old.  All in rare form, athletic looking and obviously thoroughly enjoying life.  Soon, they came up to me to see where I was from and what I was about.  Most spoke English and soon they were videoing all of us doing some type of chant for a friend who could not make the trip.  Also, they told me to follow them and they would get me in the right neighborhood of Santiago.  A great group of guys.  And they did get be on the right side of Santiago, probably within ten miles of my hostal but it still took me another three hours to find the exact location.  I took a group photograph of these guys that I hope to post in a couple of days.  I promised them that they would soon find it on this site.

Did I tell you I crossed the Tropic of Capricorn a couple of days ago?  It was a significant event!  Seriously, I was not even aware of when I crossed and consequently took no photographs.

My ribs?  They are sore, but Ibupropen makes them bearable.  A young lady with whom I am quite close told me today that Ibupropen is the universal medicine for the Air Force.  If it is good enough for our military it is good enough for me.