Jose Meyer, the person who is to repair my motorcycle, had promised to have information for me Friday on needed repairs, targeted completion date and projected costs.  When I called Friday afternoon he had not yet looked at the Goose and told me it would be the following Tuesday afternoon before he had this information.  Not the answer I needed!  So now, I am waiting, not having any idea when I may be departing for the southern tip of the world.

Eco Hostal Chile, my home here in Santiago, is a nice place with a delightful mix of clients.  Most from Europe, one from Australia and of course, I am the lone person from the U.S.  I continue to be impressed with the number of people, from Europe and Canada, who are backpacking across South America.  Last night, a 20 year old man from Austria, Gerald Raab, arrived here in the Hostal.  Gerald is backpacking across the Americas for at least one year, living in hostals and sometimes in his tent.  A most delightful young man, he has already made friends with everyone here in the hostal. I think that trips like the one Gerald is on are great.  I only wish that I was meeting more U.S. citizens out traveling and getting to know people from other countries.  We would be a better nation if we traveled more,  particularly getting to know the people with whom we came into contact.

Santiago, not a bad place in which to get delayed!  In fact, one of the nicer cities in the world and so prosperous.  People are friendly and I am having a great time getting to know the city.  However Santiago is not a cheap city, and I am doing my part to help the Chilean economy.  But, I am also eager to get back on the BMW headed for Ushuaia, the southernmost tip of South America.  I must be there by December 31 and not knowing when I will depart is frustrating.  I am not certain, but I expect the ride to Ushuaia will be over 1800 miles, crossing the Chilean-Argentenean border at least a couple of times.  The road is primitive much of the way, gravel and dirt, with extreme winds.  I need to be on my motorcycle heading south.

Retirement, doesn´t that mean golf, country clubs and lots of television?  I may try that when I reach retirement age!  On second thought, I think I will go for a ride!  The Artic Circle has not yet met me.