First the good news!  My Goose is not cooked!  Jose Meyer, master BMW motorcycle mechanic started very early this morning on repairs.  We talked by phone mid day and Jose asked that I come over to his home to discuss the needed repairs.

I just met with Jose and learned that I have two different sets of bearings totally wornout in the final drive and that it will take a minimum of three weeks to obtain BMW original parts bearings from Germany.  However, Jose has obtained the right sized bearings which he is going to install.  The only problem is that these bearings do not have a seal, which apparently is needed to keep water from leaking into the bearings and the oil.  Jose thinks it will suffice to allow me make it to Ushuaia by December 31 and maybe even make it back to Texas.  However, he emphasized that upon my arrival in Texas I should immediately get the final drive rebuilt with original BMW parts.

Jose had already changed the oil and installed new Michelin Anakee tires on the Goose so I am comfortable that by 7:00 PM Wednesday, I will have the bike back at Eco Hostal Chile.  Then it is off Thursday morning south to the tip of the world. By tomorrow I have to make some decisions on this part of the trip, but more on that subject tomorrow.

I have quite enjoyed my stay here in Santiago at the  Eco Hostal Chile.  There is such a delightful staff and the guests are so very interesting.  As you know, I am so impressed with the young backpackers that I meet on this adventure.  Such intelligent and adventurous young men and women, from all countries and all walks of life.

This morning I had breakfast with Gerald Raab, the twenty year old backpacker who is from Austria.  He is on a one year trip visiting the Americas.  In his words, this will not be his only trip.  More will come, as he earns the money.  Gerald left today headed for Viņa del Mar, a city about two hours from here, that is known for itīs beaches and lovely ladies.  No doubt Gerald likes both..well, I am not sure what he thinks about beaches.  Gerald has promised to visit me in Texas, upon my return, and I promised to show him Mexico and San Antonio, both of which fascinate me.

Last night a young couple from Georgia checked into the hostal.  They had stayed here a few days before my arrival so they knew the staff.  Suddenly David and Tammy Vigliotti, two interesting, exciting and beautiful Americans gave falsehood to all I have been thinking about my U.S. mates.  No one represents our country better than David and Tammy.  Plus,David is a computer whiz!  He gave me an hour of his time which I sorely needed.  This morning, they were off to the airport and back to Georgia.  But they will be back.  They are backpackers at heart.

So, Tonight it is just me and my two young backpacker friends from Belgium, Jeroen Antonissen and Jan Vervoort.  Such interesting young men.  Smart, adventurous and set on meeting as many people as possible.  I have learned so much from this young group of friends...Gerald,  Jeroen and Jan.  I hope we cross paths again on this trip.