When I called Jose today my bike was completely repaired, even down to a new left turn signal and Jose had also discovered a windscreen bracket was broken.  I knew this, the wind had broken it in Peru, however I had not expected Jose to repair the bracket.  So what had Jose done?  Totally fabricated a new bracket, much stronger than the original.  When I showed up, Jose was cleaning the Goose.  Now it is a spruced goose, and in very fine form.  In fact, it has never felt so road worthy!

I really cannot enumerate everything Jose did to the bike but among the repairs are the following.
  • New Michelin Anakee tires on both ends
  • Rebuilt the driveshaft assembly including replacing bearings
  • Oil and Filter change
  • Adjusted the valves
  • Replaced the left rear turn signal which I had stupidly allowed to burn up from the exhaust
  • Replaced the spark plugs with new ones
  • Cleaned the air filter
  • New brake shoes on the rear
  • Installed my new brake pads on the front
  • Straightened the engine guard that was damaged in my slide up the highway

And his charge for all of this was only slightly more than tires and an oil change would be in San Antonio.

I really am a supporter of Jose Meyer.  If you need work on your BMW I suggest you call him.
His phone numbers are...

  • 56-02-2086367

  • 09-9-826-03-74

One is his home phone and one is a cell but I am not sure which is which.  Jose has a remarkable shop at his home in one of the nicer sections of San Jose.

Our stay in Santiago is coming to an end.  I have really enjoyed my stay here at Eco Hostal Chile,  one of the finest hostals in which I have ever stayed. Tonight the Goose is in a secure garage.  Tomorrow, if all goes as planned, we are heading south, continuing this adventure!