Arriving at the entry port for Navimag's Magallane at 8:30 AM, I am now fully booked aboard with the BMW sitting in the hold among semi trucks, heavy machinery, tractors and other motorcycles. It is 11:30 AM here in Puerto Montt and I must be back on board at 2:30 PM. The ferry departs at 4:00 PM.

An interesting group of people boarding this morning. A number of European and Australian backpackers, all in great spirits, off on another boundless adventure. And motorcyclists! Early this morning two young folks from Australia, Nick Dawson and Sara, arrived on Kawasaki KLR 650s. Both bright, joyful and sure to be a delight on this sea adventure. Sara is amazing!  She has only been riding for six months and here she is on a ride that most experienced riders would decline.

Then a few minutes ago I was treated to the most interesting sight. A Honda Rebel 250, with full Givi Panniers, totally outfitted for adventure riding. Being ridden by a most interesting man from England, Malcolm Rose. Malcolm is on his way to Ushuaia and then to the Artic Circle and doing it on a Rebel 250.  And Malcoln is well over six feet tall and on such a small bike..   Sometimes I wish that was my bike of choice.

Days ago, I booked a Class AA with three others sharing the room. I checked and my room mates are all male. I am not certain where they are from or if they speak any English. And I was told that room mates are chosen without regard for gender!

My next update will be Thursday evening after we make port in Puerto Natales! Chao!