We made port today before lunch in the vibrant and inviting small city of Puerto Natales. By 1:00 PM, Nick, Malcolm, Sara and I had our bikes off the Maganalles and were having a tasty pizza in a small pizza shop in Puerto Natales. After lunch we all split up. Nick and Sara off to Punta Arenas for a couple of days and then south to Ushuaia. Malcolm looking for a campground to spend a few days and I was in search of a hostel where I will spend tonight and be on my way early Friday morning. Ushuaia beckons!

The Maganalles, fantastic! Such a great group of people from all countries having a great time together. I continue to learn so much about the exciting young people of this world. And the scenery! I simply cannot describe the spectacular sights that surrounded to Maganalles this entire trip. The accomodations were fine, the food adequate and nutritious, but the company was simply superb!

I shared a room with two outstanding, but very different young men. Frank, an engineer from Germany who now makes his home in the U.K. Tony, also an engineer but from Switzerland. Frank, serious and smart! Tony, light hearted, funny and smart! I suspect Tony had more fun that Frank and I together. But I thoroughly enjoyed both. As is the norm, both were fluent in English.

Tomorrow morning I am off toward Ushuaia, some two or three days distant. Today, a member of the staff of Navimag checked on road conditions and urged us not to try to ride the motorcycles now to Ushuaia due to poor road conditions and high winds. However, Ushuaia beckons! I have not ridden almost 11,000 miles to give up less than 550 miles from Ushuaia, the southermost village in the world.

I will be departing alone tomorrow about 8:00 AM. I have no idea where I will spend the night or under what conditions. As many of you know, I am not an off road rider and that is the skills that are needed for this last leg of this challenging adventure. I really wish someone was riding with me this last leg. Jacob or Kyle would either be a great companion. However, I will be cautious but determined. I certainly expect to arrive in Ushuaia within the next three days.

The weather is mild, but bound to get colder. The wind, strong and blowing in gusts! The Goose, fueled and ready to go. The terrain will be beautiful but without villages or people. The roads are suspect, about 120 miles of gravel and I am told it is very rough and loose. However, I am sure I will see busses regularly. Hereīs hoping they give me some room and donīt run be off on the loose gravel shoulders.