Sunday morning I arose to a beautiful scene of snow covered mountain peaks and two newly arrived cruise ships in the Beagle Channel.  Now I know why Charles Darwin picked this area for his controversial research.  It was the spectacular beauty that drew him.  You might want to look at the photographs that I took yesterday.  They clearly show the beauty of this southernmost outpost.

Cold!  Bone chilling cold, particularly to someone used to South Texas winters.  And wind! Gusts that keep coming.  I dressed warmly and went out to dinner yesterday afternoon to a fine early dinner of beef tenderloin, salsa and broiled potatoes.  Remember, Argentina is known for it's beef and lamb.  I have never eaten lamb, but I think I shall before the Holidays.

This morning the wind had died down and the temperature seemed warmer so I visited the campground where the Adventure Rider group will meet for the annual celebration of this ride to Ushuaia.  There was a rider on a Transalp (from Switzerland) there and also a couple of riders from northern Chile.  I expect that several more will arrive within the next week.  We will celebrate the holidays together at the campground, and also recognize our success in reaching this, the southernmost city in the world.

I had to put my BMW in a local shop today (Moto Pablo) to once again have the driveshaft  repaired.  It did fine until the rough gravel road in Chile and then it started leaking again.  I hope we can get it fully repaired this time.  I feel very insecure heading out through 2000 desolute miles with a leaky driveshaft.  I should know by tomorrow whether the mechanic can do the repairs.

Today I happened upon a number of people whom I have met in other places on this adventure.  While walking up the main street, I saw two familiar Kawasaki KLR 650s.  Nick Dawson and the lovely Sara!  However, the bikes were alone.  I left a note and hope to meet up with them by tomorrow.

I also happened upon a Suzuki V Strom, totally outfitted for adventure riding.  I did not find the rider but the bike had California plates, so another Gringo has arrived.  I now have company!