At 10:00 PM on December 23, Pablo delivered the Beemer back to me hopefully fully repaired.  Pablo had discovered that the mechanic in Cali had installed an incorrect oil seal.  Of course I knew that but I had not told Pablo of my thoughts. A miricle!  Pablo had an original equipment oil seal for the beemer in his shop.  Now $380 later I have a new oil seal, lights repaired and according to Pablo, I am safe to resume my travels.  Only time and distance will convince me. 

Christmas Eve was cold, rainy and the winds, blustery.  However I visited my friends at Rio Pipo Campground and found the fellowship warm and full of Christmas cheer.  I joined a group of nineteen motorcyclists, led by an interesting group from Germany.  They were preparing Christmas Eve dinner so I was invited to join this great group.  Tremendous beef stew (actually one of my favorite dishes), potatoes, wine, warm bread and a great desert!  What a way to spend Christmas Eve!

There were 19 of us in this group, nine from Germany, two from Australia, three from Switzerland, one from Italy, one from Malaysia, one from Singapore and two from the USA.  I took a number of photographs of the dinner and  of the bikes that had made this long and difficult trip.  Jacob will soon be posting them on my Blog.

Today, I had breakfast in Ushuaia with a couple from Switzerland and this afternoon, Sara and Nick (my friends from Australia) are preparing a steak dinner for the three of us for Christmas.  Also, later this afternoon, a small group of us are going to travel into the National Park to get the traditional "end of the road" photograph.

For now, to all of you Feliz Navidad"!