Snow! Cold and windy!  That describes the first six days of summer here in Ushuaia.  It has snowed some every day since summer began and some parts of each day have been downright cold.  Today is no exception.  It was raining hard at 6:00 AM, snowing hard at 8:00 AM, and it has been cold and windy the entire day.  However the sun is out right now, so perhaps the day will get warmer.

Earlier today, I decided to brave the weather and take a ride into The Tierra Del Fuego National Park to the end of Ruta 3 (in fact the end of the southernmost road anyway in the world)!  It is there that a person making this trip gets the traditional "End of the Road" photograph, with the sign, the rider and his or her bike.  I am no exception, I also now have several photographs which I hope will be posted here by tomorrow.

The End of the Road is 23 KMs from Rio Pipo campground, all gravel and dirt.  Since it was rainy and snow was falling, the gravel was wet and looked very slick.  Once again the ride was a challenge but the bike never slid one time-a perfect ride.

Speaking of the bike, it has been in the shop three times since I have been here in Ushuaia having oil leaks repaired.  After Pablo installed  the correct oil seal in the drivetrain, I noticed a leak coming from below the oil pan.  Pablo decided that the Goose needed new gaskets and that he should check and tighten all bolts.  Additionally, there was one part having to do with oil pressure that he insisted be replaced.  In any event, I think we have all leaks eliminated and I am now more confident in the bike for our return to the United States.  I also have considerably less money now, but when you are at the end of the world with mechanical problems, it is not the time to negotiate rates with the only good mechanic within over two thousand miles.

My many German, Swiss, Italian, Australian and other friends have now departed Ushuaia and I am awaiting the arrival of the adventure riders who are expected here from New Year's. I also will depart here either on New Year's day on slightly thereafter.  The challenge will be to find a day when it is neither raining nor snowing.  The road out of Ushuaia, goes up over the mountains and through a major pass.  I must not get snowed in while trying to navigate the pass.

The place where I am staying, Alba's House, has been fully occupied the past several days.  Germans, Spaniards, Italian, Swiss, Indian, Australian and Austrian travelers. All interesting and a lot of fun.  In fact we have all been up very late each night talking, with me enjoying a Coca Light and everyone elso enjoying the fine Argentinean wine.  I am learning so much about all of the great people of this world.  That is the true value of this adventure.

Yesterday, the weather grounded me so one of my new German friend, Michl Bader, and I visited the Ushuaia Prison Museum, the Maritime Museum of Ushuaia and the Maritime Art Museum.  I did take a number of photographs which Jacob should soon post. 

The remainder of today will be spent spending time with all of the intersting travelers here at Rio Pipo Campground or at Alba's House.  Later this week, I am going to take a trip to an island in the Beagle Canal that is know for its Penquin colony.