This morning I spent a couple of hours in Ushuaia saying goodbye to all of the friends I had made at Alba´s House. Alba has been a delightful host and I was sadden to tell her goodbye.

Yesterday I did the same with all of the Adventure Riders, who like me, had made this interesting and challenging ride to Ushuaia. Friends who had come from Germany, Austria, Australia, Singapore, France and a myriad of other countires. And yes, friends like Karl and Kelly who had ridden in from the United States.

Today I am departing Ushuaia and will ride to Rio Grande, where I will spend the night. Saturday morning I will depart Rio Grande early and making my way to the border where I depart Argentina and once again reenter Chile. Then, the gravel road awaits me as does fierce and unpredictable winds. Three or four hours on gravel, a short ferry ride across the Magellan Strait, and soon I will be reentering Argentina. Let me think about what Saturday offers. A total of four border crossings, three hours on gravel, winds, a choppy ferry ride and with luck I should arrive in the Argentinean coastal city of Rio Gallegos by early evening.

My plan for the next several days is to ride north on Ruta 3 primarily along the coast of Argentina. I am told that the winds will be fierce and dangerous but that at least the road is asphalt.

My bike is running strong, but yesterday, I discovered that the oil leak below the oil pan has returned. I seemed to be plagued with oil leaks and have now spent over $1000 on repairs in three different cities, still to have an oil leak.

Ushuaia has become almost home to me. I actually have been here over ten days and have make a lot of friends, in particular Michl Bader, a most interesting gentleman from Germany who spends his time and talents working around the world with the great non profit organization, Doctors Without Borders. Michl and my friendship will continue over the years.

The adventure continues and I am sure more interesting and new friends are just over the next mountain.