This is my second day at Dakar Motos and Javier has indicated it will be early next week before he can even tear down my driveshaft to determine the need for parts.  When I brought the Beemer here I thought it was just an oil pan leak.  Javier did a quick examination and discovered significant problems in the driveshaft, including leaks, oil seal problems and also a significant amount of water in the oilshaft oil.  We are not sure how the oil got there since I have not driven in any significant rain since the driveshaft was last repaired.

This will be the fourth time that I have had work done on the driveshaft without really achieving the necessary repair.  I am becoming doubtful that I can even get it repaired without returning to Texas and having it totally rebuilt with OEM parts.  I have some decisions to make over the next couple of days, but I certainly have the time to ponder the decisions.  For now I am stuck here in the back room of Dakar Motos in a suburb of Buenos Aires.

I do have company.  Two Brits, Steve Holmes  and Pete Sandford,  are here awaiting the release of their two vintage Nortons from the import authorities.  These two guys are on a most interesting ride.  They are recreating the Che Guevara ride, made famous by Motorcycle Diaries, and doing it on 1946 and 1950 Nortons.  It is a good thing that one is slightly deranged and the other has solid mechanical skills.  They will need both to survive their ride, documented on

And this morning about 9:30 A.M. someone was beating on the garage door of Dakar Motos.  Since Javier was not yet here, I answered the door and there stood Sgt. Marty, whom I had last seen 2000 miles ago in Ushuaia.  Marty and a friend, Don, both from Denver are riding KLR650s on their adventure.  However Sgt. Marty was by alone and his KLR was on a tow truck.  Seems that his engine had seized up some 500 miles back and he had to have the bike towed here.  Tremendous expense!  Don follows and we expect him here tonight.

The hot back room will be full and hot!  And this is what retirement is all about?