Today two mechanics have worked much of the day on the Goose and I am confident the problems have been identified.  However we were not able to find parts in Argentina for the R100GSPD.  

I made a phone call to Bob's BMW in Maryland, talked with their parts man, Rob Caple.  Rob quickly told me that had all of the parts in stock that I needed.  Furthermore, he could get them shipped out this afternoon by FedEx.  If things go right, the parts could be here within five days.

Javier Kaper, the owner here, obviously is a good mechanic.  However, yesterday Ken Duval and  and his wife, Carol stopped by Dakar Motos.  They are from Australia, retired and have been traveling for years on a BMW R80GS.  Ken knows a ton about these old BMWs.  This morniing he showed up here and began working on the Goose.  How can I be so fortunate? 

It quickly became obvious that the mechanic in Ushuaia, Moto Pablo, knew little about what he was doing and in fact charged me for work and parts that were inferior and not OEM as he stated.  By early afternoon, Ken and Javier had identified the needed parts.  Ken is still out working on the Beemer and I am satisfied that when we get the right parts the Goose will be strong and ready to tackle the Amazon and the return to Texas.  However, I am now forced to sit here in Buenos Aires for at least a week.  Maybe longer, if the parts get hung up in customs.

For now, I must sit here and be frustrated that I paid Moto Pablo almost $600 to almost destroy the Goose.  However, I do have a new friend here who is making my stay more enjoyable.  Javier's son, Julian, age 14 has been here helping out the past two days.  A bright and friendly young man, Julian has quickly become my friend.