Dakar Motos is a popular destination this weekend, although most riders have pitched their tents in the back garden and are leaving the hot back room to me.

This morning, all are crowded in the kitchen preparing coffee or mate.  It is an interesting crew with riders from Ecuador, Italy, Argentina, Switzerland, France, Slovakia and the USA.  All speak English so we can exchange ideas and pleasantries.  Such an intelligent and adventurous group of people.  And we all coexist without any sign of discord!  Maybe the world would be a better place if our political leaders tried this trip and learned to truly talk with people and find common solutions.

The Goose?  She is now a  plucked goose!  Only the front forks,  front wheel and engine block remain in the frame. Ken Duval, the interesting and talented adventure rider from Australia who is working on the bike and Javier, the owner of Dakar Motos, have taken each piece apart, cleaned the parts and are ready to reassemble as soon as the parts arrive from Bob's BMW in Jessup, MD.  The parts were sent by FedEX and the tracking system shows they have arrived here in Buenos Aires and have cleared customs.  Javier says they will be here Monday or Tuesday.

I am anxious to get on the road.  I have been here now for over two weeks and I am most eager to get to Uruguay and Brazil.  What lies ahead?  I am unsure but I believe I will be riding in rain throughout Brazil.  Hot?  Yes, and humid.  But first, the Beemer has to be properly repaired.  Only if the Beemer is properly repaired, will I ride off to Amazona.

Ken Duval dropped by this morning and gave me a list of maintenance items I must have completed upon my return to Texas.  In his opinion, the Goose is a strong bike and will be in excellent condition once he and Javier complete their repairs.  Ken thinks the Goose will serve me well on my future rides to Alaska and my anticipated frequent rides to Big Bend.

I received a yellow fever innocuation earlier this week.  There is an outbreak of yellow fever in Paraguay and Brazil and I believe Venezuela will require me to have a yellow fever certificate to gain entry.

Sunday, I will visit San Telmo and Casa Rosada with my friend Mathias Schmid, a rider from Switzerland, who I first met before Christmas in Ushuaia.  Mathias is on an around the  I world trip lasting many years.  An interesting and irreverent fellow, he is a true Adventure Rider.

The two Brits on Nortons, Pete and Steve, riding the Che Guevaro trail?  They keep me updated and are having a fascinating ride.  I am not going to tell you of their adventures but you really must visit them at www.revolutionroad.com.  If nothing else, Steve will keep you smiling.