The parts were delivered by FedEX today.  Javier and Ken Duval are working on the Goose now and seem to be making good progress.  I am uncertain when the repairs will be completed but suspect that the Goose will be running sometime tomorrow afternoon.

I still have not made definite plans on my future ride and will not until the repairs are completed and I certain of the condition of my bike.

Today has  been a slow day.  I had my jeans laundered and truthfully, that is about it.  Tomorrow I must visit the ferry port that connects Uruguay and Argentina.  If I continue my ride, I plan to take the ferry to Uruguay and then ride on into Brazil.

We have an interesting group of people here at Dakar Motos.
  • Don and Marty, the two retired cops from Colorado are back working on Marty's KLR 650.  They are touring Central and South America but are stuck here until they either replace or rebuild Marty's engine.  Don and Marty were in Ushuaia for New Years.
  • Theo Schladhecken, a young business consultant from Germany, who is on a two to three year ride around the world.  Theo is a bright and friendly young man and I can definitely see him in his role as a business  consultant.  I first met Theo in Ushuaia where we had Christmas Eve dinner together.  Theo is shipping his bike to South Africa to continue his adventure.
  • Ludovit Kiss, an engineer and seaman from Slovakia is on an extended trip through South America and is riding a BMW F650GS.  Ludovit has been here for a week and has not yet decided when he will ride south.
  • Glenn Derouin, a paragliding pilot and instructor, from Vernon, British Columbia, is riding a KLR 650.  Glenn has been on the road for two months now and is on his way to Brazil where he will lead a tour group for paragliders.
  • My Swiss colleague, Mathias Schmid, riding a Honda Transalp, is a world traveler who has toured North America, Central and South America.  Mathias will be heading to New Zealand, then Australia in the near future.  Mathias was the first person I met when I arrived in Ushuaia, so we really are old friends.
  • Carol and Ken Duval, from Australia are not actually living here but they are here every day and Ken is working with Javier repairing my Beemer.  Ken and Carol have been touring the world for years in the saddle of a 1981 BMW R80G/S.
  • Alain and Marie-Christine Arnaud, a most interesting couple from France are also on a world tour riding a BMW GS 1150..  So far they have spent months in North America, Central and South America and within the next week will be flying to Australia to continue their motorcycle trip around the world.  Alain and Marie-Christine were in Ushuaia for New Years so I feel that they are old friends also.
  • And of course the owner of Dakar Motos, Javier Kaper, who with his wife Sandra and son Julien, provide the unique services that are known to all adventure riders who pass through Argentina. 

A fascinating group of adventure riders, all with a thirst to know and enjoy the people of all countries!  I am privileged to be able to spend time with these fine folks.  While ages vary, actually from 30 to one who is in his mid sixties, we all share a common bond--adventure riding and a love of people.  Every day one or two depart for new adventures and new riders arrive.