For at least fifteen years I have had a dream of riding my motorcycle from my home in the States to Ushuaia, Tierra Del Fuego and then sometime after my trip to Ushuaia,  to the Artic Circle.  Over the years my goal became a bit more focused and I decided that I would set out on this trip soon after my retirement.

 I retired in June, 2008 and now will be departing from my home in Riviera Beach, Texas on October 15, 2008. I am traveling alone, which probably shows poor judgement, but as I have often said, when you ride with more than one person, everything you do is a compromise.  I have waited a lifetime for this ride, now is not the time for compromises.

I will arrive in Ushuaia by Christmas and will spend New Years at the southernmost point in the Americas.  I expect to meet a number of other dedicated travelers who have ridden their bikes from points all over the world to greet the New Year in this exciting place.

 Over the next several months I will visit and spend time in most of the countries between here and Tierra Del Fuego.  With luck, I will be back in Riviera Beach by mid spring and then will depart for the Artic Circle in June.

My ride is a 1993 BMW R100GSPD with only 11,000 miles on it. Thanks to my friends at Cycle Rider and Rhine West in San Antonio, the bike is well prepared for this short trek.

 My route  heading south will, of course, be through Mexico, all of the countries of Central America and then down the western side of South America.  On my return ride, I wll explore the eastern and central regions of South America, with the intent of visiting most of the countries in the Americas before I complete this ride..

I will be updating this site regularly both with a short narrative and with photographs.