Up early, only to find it was raining.  In fact it rained off and on today until about 3:00 P.M., when suddenly the skies cleared and the sun burst through.  Hot!  And my face is sunburned even though I wear a full face helmet.

I stopped for the night in San Jose do Rio Preto and checked into Brazil's version of an economy hotel.  Today, I rode 355 miles, but it was tough, rain and at times very bad roads.  And today I received an e-mail from someone telling me that the roads were going to get dramatically worse soon.  At this rate, I will not get to Belem for several more days.  Of course, I am not sure what I am going to do when I do arrive.  I must find a river boat that will transport my BMW and me up the river to Manus but since I speak no Portuguese, I am not sure how I will accomplish that.

Tomorrow will fiind me once again heading north, hopefully as far as Porangatu, Brazil.  That will find me north of Brazilia, a city that I am purposefully avoiding.  A large city, without being able to ask directions--no thanks.