Unable to sleep, I was up early preparing to depart Belem.  I was partcularly concerned about being able to find the right dock and wondering how I could possibly ever get through all of the officials and guards to get the BMW on board the Rondonia.

However, at 8:00 A.M., into the hotel walked Alex Reis de Menezes (alexreisxt600@hotmail.com), my fellow Horizons Unlimited colleague and the owner of a motorcycle repair shop here in Belem.  Alex has made it his mission to come to the assistance of motorcycle travelers who are  in Belem.  With his aid, everything went smoothly and the Goose is now in the cargo hold of the Rondonia.

I also was able to visit my cabin briefly and found it to be adequate.  Small, with no window but it did have a nice bed, a shower and a small refrigerator.  Now if the air conditioner truly works, I should get some rest during this river trip.

Alex is really a great guy.  He has already contacted fellow bike riders in Maunus and asked them to help me upon my arrival in that city.  Later this afternoon, I will board the Rondonia with my baggage and we  will sail shortly after dark.  Yesterday, I bought the supplies that fellow riders have indicated I needed.  Bottled water, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, hammock, extra batteries for my camera and flashlight, medications in case of.........and of course toilet paper. 

Alex and his wife are coming to the Rondonia at 4:00 P.M. so we can visit a great restaurant on the dock.  It surely will be my last good meal for a week.  Now the big challenge will be to convince Alex to let this be my treat.

The gracious Portuguese owner of Hotel Unidos, here in Belem, just came down to wish me safe voyage and her daughter, Chrstina, presented me with gift of a local candy.  For those of you traveling through Belem, you must stay at Hotel Unidos.  Christina is fluent in English and both she and her mother are fabulous people.

Now this truly is my last posting for a few days.  Bon voyage!