The two days I stayed in Manaus were nice.  Ramayana Menezes and Lucio Ferreira, the two members of Brazil Riders, spent more time with me than I could expect and introduced me to members of their club.  In fact, Tuesday night we went out for pizza with their wives and several members of their club.  Then last night, they hosted a barbeque in my honor.  Attending were members of Brazil Riders and also members of Legion Phoenix Motorcycle Club. The president of the the club presented me with their club shirt, so I am now an honorary member.

This morning Lucio met  me at my hotel at 6:00 A.M. to guide me out of Manaus and on my way to Boa Vista.  By 6:30 we were on the edge of Manaus and I departed these delightful riders, striking out through the tropical rainforest to Boa Vista.  785 KMs, mostly good road, however there were times when the road was terrible.  Potholes, gravel, broken pavement and then several times when the road simply turned to mud.  About two hours traveling through the Indengia Reserve, an area where you are not allowed to stop and there are many warnings posted about the animals.  I have no idea what the warnings said.

The day was nice, no rain and not too terribly hot. Highway 174 is the only road out of Manaus and it runs north to Boa Vista and eventually to the border.  About half way, I crossed the Equator.  Just about three months ago, I crossed it in Ecuador as I was heading south.  Now, I crossed it heading north.  I am back in the northern hemisphere.

Today's ride was beautiful.  First the rainforest, then several low hills and finally a savannah type terrain filled with beautiful farms and ranches, all with large and beautiful herds of cattle and horses.

Arriving in Boa Vista, I am checked into the Hotel Uiramutam Palace.  Tomorrow, north to the border.  I expect this to be one of my more difficult border crossings but hope I am in Venezuela by mid morning.