Leaving Boa Vista at 8:30 A.M., I arrived at the border at 10:30 A.M.  The road was good most of the way, however, the last thirty miles was a bit challenging.  Once again, the road was filled with pot holes.  the first 100 miles was a beautiful road, through dry and beautiful plains, filled with herds of cattle and horses.  Then suddenly I was in a low mountain range with curvy and very hilly roads.  However, the ride was pleasant and somewhat lonely.

Last night was a night filled with concern.  Everything I had read or heard indicated that the border crossing leaving Brazil would be difficult and I was led to believe that I may not be able to gain entry into Venezuela.  The night passed slowly with little or no sleep.  If I could not cross the border into Venezuela then I would have no choice but to turn back to Manaus,  take the boat again down the Amazon and ride another ten days or so back to Buenos Aires.  Sleep was impossible.

I had no cause for worry.  Arriving at the Brazilean border, I cleared the Brazil border in less than five minutes and was on my way to attempt to cross into Venezuela.  Arriving at the border with Venezuela, I was cleared to enter Venezuela in 45 minutes.  Everyone was very helpful and soon I was on my way.

I am now in Santa Elena de Uairen, Venezuela, where I have already found a hotel for the night and plan to get some rest.  I expect to depart tomorrow morning for Cuidad Bolivar.  I could be in Caracas by Sunday  night, however Monday and Tuesday are Carnaval, official holidays, so I am not in a hurry to arrive in the large city.  I am certain that I will not be able to find a company shipping motorcycles to Panama or even to Miami until after Carnaval.