The decision is made.  I am on my way to Bogota and am now in San Christobal, Venezuela.  I should cross the border into Colombia tomorrow.  Last night found me in San Carlos, a nice city but I had no internet access.

Today, on the way to San Christobal I met Philippe and Ana Cecilia Latil and their nephew, Jesus Henrique  I had stopped for lunch when they pulled up in a new Renault. Within miinutes, Philippe and his family had introduced themselves and inquired about my ride.  Philippe is the owner of Latil Auto, S.A. in San Christobal and studied and lived in the U.S. for eleven years.  Both he and Ana Cecilia speak perfect English, which is good given my lack of Spanish proficiency.

Philippe has spent the afternoon with me helping me get some needed tire repairs on the Goose and also bringing me to his office so I could access his internet.  Delightful folks who have gone out of their way to help me, a total stranger.  Tonight I have the opportunity to have dinner with Philippe and Ana Cecilia which I am sure will be a delight.

Tomorrow I am off to the border.  I am told it is a two day ride from the border to Bogota.  I have not decided to where I will fly the bike when I reach Bogota..  My options seem to be Panama City or Miami.  I had planned to ride back to the U.S. through Central America but I first want to research the costs when I reach Bogota.  And to tell the truth, I am exhausted.  The heat, the latin drivers and my lack of language skills have all taken a toll.  That and nding ten hours every day in this heat.

Tomorrow will probably bring new thoughts!  But first, dinner with my new friends tonight.