Up early this Monday morning, I found that my trusted BMW R100GSPD had indeed arrived at Centurian Air in Miami.  The office at Centurian opened at 9:00 A.M. and I was there soon thereafter.

Meeting with the office person, I was informed of a couple of unexpected fees that brought the total charges to $955.  No problem, except Centurian does not accept credit cards.  For the first time I was informed that payment must be either in cash or by certified check.  Luckily, I had some well hidden cash that I was able to locate. 

But before I could retrieve the Goose, I had to visit the U.S. Customs Office at the Miami Airport and get a release for the Goose.  A brisk and fast walk soon brought me to the Customs Office where I met with a most competent and pleasant Customs Officer.  Within thirty minutes, I had the completed release forms and was on my way back to Centurian.  After an hour of so at Centurian, the Goose and I were reunited.  The bike was in the same condition as it was when I left it at the Centurian depot in Bogota.  Dirty, well worn, in need of work but clearly ready to tackle the next 1500 miles.  By 11:00 A.M. we were departing Miami International Airport and were on our way north.

The excellent roads were a pleasure, but wait.......what happened to the 95 to 107 degree temperatures in which we have been riding the past several months?  Today was cool, no... cold!   Two hours later and I was outside of Naples calling my close friends, John and Teresa Gribbin.  Several hours later and we are still at the Gribbin's lovely home.  Tomorrow will also be cool, but I think I will be better dressed to tackle the long ride up through Florida and then  west through Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and finally back to Texas.

Then, we must visit Mexico since I still have to clear my visa in Mexico and let the officials certify that the bike has definitely returned to the U.S.  If I do not do that I will be subject to import duties of considerable size.