I left Riviera Beach yesterday morning by 6:30 AM and within thirty miles I was in pouring rain.  This seems to happen every time I take off on a long ride  but on the plus side my rainsuit worked fine and the BMW ran like a top.

I first went to San Antonio for some much needed training on how to load photographs on to my laptop.  By mid afternoon I was on my way to Eagle Pass, once again riding in the rain.  By the time I arrived here the weather had cleared and this morning is great, cool and a bit windy. a perfect day to begin my great adventure "south of the border".

I will cross the border in about an hour and over the next few days will explore the areas of Saltillo, Real de Catorce and San Luis Potosi.  The weekend will take me to San Miguel de Allende where I will stay several days learning how to say a few words in Spanish, something I should have learned years ago.

My next posting on this site will probably be after I arrive in San Luis Potosi, or at least a couple of days.