Thursday's ride was great and I arrived back in Riviera, Texas at 4:00 P.M..  A small group of friends were at the gate to greet me.  I suspect this was arranged by my friend, Eileen Patten.  It was great to see everyone.  But it seems strange to not be on the road, to be looking for a hotel each afternoon, to be worrying about whether the Goose was going to spring an oil leak.  Speaking of oil leaks, I have two, but not in any aarea where Ken and Javier made repairs.  I know my right head gasket is leaking and there seems to be a second leak.  Tuesday the bike goes in the shop and high on my list of needs is to get all of the oil leaks fixed.

The trip lasted four months, three weeks and I covered 19,850 miles on the Goose, another 2500 miles by boat and approximately 1000 miles by air.  The trip was all I had expected and more, but there were a number of things that I expected that never occurred.
  • Neither the police nor the military harrassed me in any way.  No request, even a hint of a request, for a bribe. 
  • I never got ill nor suffered what some call "Montezuma's revenge".  I was careful of what I ate and only drank bottled water and it paid off.
  • I only had a couple of pair of gloves pilfered.  Nothing else.  Of course I guarded the Goose like a hawk.
  • I never saw a snake, crocodile or an alligator, even while I was in the Amazon.
  • I never had even one bad experience with the hundreds, no thousands, of people with whom I came in contact.  That is if I ignore their driving behaviors.