My departure date is right around the corner and I still have much to do before I will be ready.  I returned from my South American trip three months ago but I have accomplished very little in that time.

The most important accomplishment is that I have had my BMW R100GSPD thoroughly serviced.  New tires (Michelin Anakees), fresh oil and filter, new air filter and  valves adjusted.  Equally important, Gary at Cycle Rider in San Antonio, replaced virtually all gaskets and seals.  Hopefully, the Goose will make it to the Arctic Circle and back with no leaks.  I still must have a new battery installed, which will be done later this week while I am in San Antonio.

Tomorrow, I will pack camping gear, clothing and tools and parts that I expect to need during this adventure.  Heading north, I will camp out much of the time, especially after getting to Canada and Alaska.  Interestingly, I found I took entirely too many clothes and parts with me during my trip to Tierra Del Fuego.  This time I am taking less with me so the bike will be lighter.

However, I do have some new gear.  My helmet was long overdue for the trash bin and my riding suit was well worn and virtually fell apart when I tried to clean it.  So, now I depart with a new helmet, new gloves, new riding suit but the same well tested bike.

I will depart Texas Monday morning, headed north up through the Oklahoma Panhandle, into Colorado and onward to Denver.  From there, I will go north into Wyoming, Montana and then crossing the border into our great neighbor, Canada. I plan to average riding 300 to 400 miles a day until I am north of Calgary.  At that point, I may average less miles per day because there will be so much to see.

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