The Goose and I left Cycle Rider, in San Antonio, late Thursday afternoon.  Will, Mary and all of my good friends gathered to see me off.  Gary Newton, the service manager had spent much of his time the last several weeks replacing the many oil seals and gaskets.  Thursday he installed a new battery and new headlight bulbs.  Gary had already installed a new Touratech HID light so I should be able to see well in the dark---but what were we thinking?  North of Fairbanks, it will be daylight most, if not all, of the time. 

My friend Jacob Peek had also installed a new, very loud, horn which should aid me in making the Moose and bears clear the road.  

Saturday found me in Abilene, TX in the midst of 100 degree heat. Heat like this tires me out when riding, but the further north I travel, the more I will miss this heat.  I am visiting family here in Abilene, but tomorrow morning I depart for the North, expecting to cover about 350 miles a day.  I hope to be in Calgary early next week, where it seems the weather is in the 40s and raining.  How can life be any better?

My bike is running good, strong with nary an oil leak.  I plan to hold my speed to about 60 MPH which hopefully will be easier on the Goose.