Today was supposed to be a seven hour, 350 mile day.  But the joy of riding took control.  Thirteen hours later and 645 miles finds me in Limon, CO.  It takes a young man to do 650 miles a day on an R100GSPD.  Since I am somewhat older, I decided to stop at 642 miles (ten years ago I would have done the entire 650).  The day was beautiful and actually quite cool.  Tonight it is below 60 degrees F here in Limon.

The ride out of Texas began as I expected, flat plains filled with cattle and pumpjacks.  However, the plains were not the dry brown that is often the case, but instead were green with the cacti in full glorious blooms.  Soon I was in rolling country and then in the beautiful winding roads and great canyons of Palo Duro.  Texas has so much to see that I really could spend the rest of my riding days simply exploring Texas.

Shortly after lunch I crossed into Oklahoma and then in only minutes I was in Colorado.  The high plains of Colorado are lush, giving evidence that there has been much recent rain. This afternoon I was riding at an altitude of 4300 feet so the weather was mild. The meadows and pastures are full of cattle and horses and I have seen wild deer and early this morning, even a couple of wily coyotes.

Tomorrow will be a short day.  I am stopping in Denver and tonight I am only 70 miles from Denver.  Tomorrow night I will visit a couple of old friends and by Wednesday morning I will be  off for Wyoming and Montana.

Gary Newton,  thank you!  The Goose is running like a  BMW was built to run.