Yesterday's ride into Colorado was beautiful.  After a full day's ride,  I stopped in Limon for the  night.  At 4500 feet in altitude, the night was cool.  This part of Colorado is gently rolling with huge ranches and farms.  Vividly green and lush.

I stopped early today in Denver to spend some time with friends, arriving here shortly after lunch.  Now after a great dinner, with old friends, I am back at a nice, but economical, motel for the night.  It is raining now but only lightly.

Tomorrow morning I depart for Cheyenne, Wyoming, and then on towards Montana,  Unless rain or snow slows me down,  I will be in Canada by the end of this week.  The weather forcast does call for much cooler weather for the remainder of the week.   However, cool I can handle.  Rain and snow poses a bigger challenge.